Believe in yourself!

These three words might seem like a cliche because they are used by everyone. We often feel that it is so easy for people to tell us to believe in ourselves and how we can conquer the world by this “simple” mantra . Our mind races to the hurdles that lie in our journey to attain our goals. But for a moment just clear your head, sit down and relax. Now think about the thing that is stopping you from achieving your goals. No, not the hurdles, something that is altogether stopping you from doing what you want to.

There’s only one answer to it. NOTHING. There is nothing in this world that can stop you from doing anything unless you question your capability to do it. Now some of you might think that you are less capable than others. This is a really absurd assumption because every human being has been blessed with the same brain. However each one of us uses our intelligence in a different way or rather where we find interest.
So if you are not able to perform a task as good as someone else, do not  question your capability. First of all ask yourself an honest question that whether or not you had put in your maximum efforts. If no, then you have the answer. If yes, then think deeply about whether you really want to do this particular thing or it’s just because others are doing it.

A major mental conflict that arises in teenage is to opt for our preferences or get affected by peer pressure. No matter how convincing your friends might be, always listen to your heart and follow your dream. It won’t be easy, it never is but the struggle here is too less compared to the joy and satisfaction of fulfilling your dream.

Life isn’t a bed of roses but it is in our hands to mould it in the way we want to. Teenage is the soft clay of our lives, which when moulded well can create a beautiful future. No job or task is too small or too complex either. You are capable to do everything but just believe in yourself!


Mom, how should I describe my love for you
I might not say this often,
But for the sacrifices you did for us
I can just say Thank you! 

As gentle as a flower
As calm as a sea
No matter what happens
You always believe in me.

Helped me through thick and thin,
Consoled me with her love
And showed me the path
Where my journey was about to begin.

No matter how old I grow
I’m still a little kid for her
Though she has made me strong,
To solve my disputes on my own
Still whenever any situation arises
I want to be with her.

I can’t even thank you enough
For all what you did for me
whenever I open my eyes
You’re the first person I want to see. 

Your love and support cannot be described in a word.
Amazing, superb and what not
How lucky I am coz you are the best gift, I’ve ever got.


There was a day
When God had to see
Who could be my guardian
If not he? 

Strength of a mountain
Calmness of a sea
Sweet as sugar
Who would bring out the best in me. 

God knew there was nothing more to add further
his search was complete and he named him ‘father’.

He would shield me from every sorrow
Make me realise that there’s a beautiful tomorrow.

Whenever someone tried to threaten me or dare
Dad came to my rescue, for he was always there.

Ready to face everything
Whether a gun or goon
I just can’t thank God enough
for you’re a disguised boon. 

Helped me come over every flaw
You could see the potential in me
That no one before ever saw.

Dad! You’re the shell for pearl like me
Thank you for being here, I love thee.

Special Someone

Before him, my life wasn’t a perfect one
Breaking sobs, and had no one.

Then one day he messaged me
An old school mate, was all that I could see
Day by day we talked more and more
He was the reason behind that smile I wore. 

He made me laugh whenever I cried
To put a smile on my face, how hard he tried 

I liked him but as a friend
Who knew this ‘friendship’ was about to mend. 

His smile, his voice, his laughter
Lame jokes, mimics, and whatever made my day better,
All this was what made me fall for him
All I could see was him, be it bright lights or dim.

How bad I wanted to tell him what I felt
That how his voice caused butterflies in my stomach
and how his sugar sweet nature
Made my heart melt .

I was scared
Scared of being rejected, being ignored
But those feelings were too much to hold.

It took me months to say this to my bae
Those three magical words
I had nothing else to say.

What happened next was something I couldn’t imagine 

He said ‘yes’ and I felt like it was everything I could ever win.

I was incomplete until he came into my life
I can’t wait to be his future wife. 

You’re reading this and I want you to know
I love you more than my life, please don’t ever go.

I thought perfect love stories existed only in fiction
You turned it into reality by being my special someone❤

The day we met

There was a time when I had nothing to say
lost all hopes, couldn’t see any way
Amongst the dark clouds, appeared a ray
That was when he texted me ‘hey’.

A time that I can never forget
A time when I would enjoy losing a bet
A time when all my broken ways were set
It was the day we met. 

The way he talked, the way he looked
The way he smiled, that kept me hooked. 

It took me a while
To tell him what I feel
It felt like a dream
But all that was real.

It’s not a fairy tale
But he is my prince charming
Just for that smile of his
I can give up everything. +

My story began with a ‘hey’
With a ‘yes’ it continued
I don’t know how long will it take
But it will definitely end with a ‘Yes I do’❤


As the title says this poem talks about delusion. A complicated thing, yet mostly present in our lives.


There he stood, a guy tall and dark
Probably my special someone,
Whose eyes had a spark.

Warned by some, threatened by few
But nothing could stop me,
For my love for him was true.

For me he was someone
Who brought me smiles
But for everyone else,
He was just a box of lies.

They said, a deceptive appearance
Was all that he was
But no one knew
That in him I saw my lost cause.

What was that he was trying to hide,
No matter what, I was ready to be on his side.
It didn’t bother me, what everyone had to say.
For I knew, I had chosen my own way.

Days passed, years gone
I just waited for him to come.
Began to question myself and mourn,
Was my true love just a phantom?

But all these thoughts flew away,
When he had those three words to say
What everyone thought was my fantasy,
Had now changed into a beautiful reality.

Even after years,
You are still beside me.
All those who didn’t believe in us
Now have a lot to see,
For my Mr. Perfect is someone
Who just seemed to be a delusion.


A broken friendship

This poem has also been written by me and through my words I have tried my best to define that friendship which turned into love. A love that could not be fulfilled.

Began as classmates,
Continued as friends.
I would always thank my fate,
That we became the best of friends.

Loads of fun and tonnes of talk,
Together we had miles to walk.
You took my fears and made me free,
And made me what I never could be.

Even if it was for just a while,
Talking to you brought me a smile.
Nothing could drift us apart,
For we loved each other with all our hearts.

I didn’t realise when my feelings changed for you,
If it is love,it was definitely true.
You called it friendship,
But it was something new,
Why don’t you realise
Baby I love you.

I just tried as much as I could,
Did everything that a lover would.
But nothing seemed enough,
For you to love me back
I knew it would be tough
But there was nothing I could lack.
No matter what I did,
I couldn’t convince you
To be with me.
What else do you want,
Isn’t it enough that I love thee?

Here I am after years gone,
Reliving my memories while sitting alone.
Even if given a chance I wouldn’t choose anyone over you.
I’d rather be alone than without you.
I don’t know what this relationship is supposed to be,
All it appears is like a broken friendship to me.



There I would be

This is a poem that was written by me when I was facing failure in every situation. I hope reading it motivates all those who need that motivation.

The day you fall on your face,
When you feel dejected
And start losing your grace,
Just look around and see
There I would be.

The day you think that this is the end
No hopes for life and nothing to mend
To break your tangles, and set you free
There I would be.

Be it the sunshine of happiness or the rain of sorrow,
Keep your head up, for every sad today has a beautiful tomorrow.
No matter how broken, a piece of crayon would still color
And so are you, who would not give up ever.

There is so much more in this world,
That you still have to see
Just take a leap of faith,
And do believe in me.

You have your wings,
You are meant to fly.
The world is yours,
Just give it a try.

Don’t ever stop, even if you fall,
This failure would one day bring you above all.
And any day, if You want to reach out to me,
Just look around and there I would be.


Failure leads to success

I think the only thing that we humans fear the most is failure. Let’s talk about it. What’s wrong about failing at something? I know what you all must be thinking right now. ‘Everything is wrong about failure. It is easy for her to sit at home and write blogs about being okay with failing at something.’ Isn’t it?

That’s exactly what I used to think. For me it meant the end of the world. I just couldn’t stand the thought of failing at something, let alone actually experiencing it. But is it really possible that you succeed everytime? Is it so bad to not be able to achieve success? I’ll share my own experience.

I am twenty years old and I had always been excellent at studies. I scored really well in my high school exams and was always praised for the same. I believed that I can achieve anything in life, which infact is true. When I say that it is okay to fail, it doesn’t mean that you don’t have the potential to do it. Every person on this earth is equally capable to achieve whatever he wants to. There is nothing that you cannot do. You just have to believe in yourself.  I believed that since I was good at studies, I should be able to succeed at my very first attempt, irrespective of whatever I decided to do.

I appeared for Common Proficiency Test, which is the entrance to the course of Chartered Accountancy. To believe in yourself is a must, and so is to accept failure. Even if you fail in an exam or a task or whatever, does it mean that you are not capable? No, you are capable to do anything that you want to. Failure doesn’t indicate lack of potential. There might be other reasons for the same. So I believed in my capabilities and appeared for the exam and I cleared it. Another event of success was added to the diary of my life. By that time I started feeling a pressure build up in my mind. A self created pressure, which made me believe that I had to clear every exam the same way like I always did. Because if I am unable to do so, it would question my potential. I  started fearing exams. I studied a lot though, but something didn’t feel right. No matter how hard I tried to concentrate, I just couldn’t focus on the subjects. Nevertheless, I increased my study hours and finally appeared for my exams.

I was very nervous because I knew that I didn’t prepare well. Not that I didn’t try, I did give my best. I also fell sick during the exams which worsened the already not-so-good situation. My results were not like what I expected. I wasn’t expecting a high score but I also didn’t imagine failing in six out of seven subjects. It was shocking for me. I failed in almost every subject. Instead of trying to look for my mistakes, I focused on the target to clear my exams the next time. I still didn’t feel like studying, I just forced myself and re- appeared for the exams. I failed once again. Only if I had focused on the fact that maybe Chartered Accountancy was not my field of interest. I was just thinking about proving it to everyone else that I can succeed in every field that I choose.

I wasted two years of my life trying to prove something totally irrelevant. I didn’t identify my interest and kept on working upon the same thing. What was that thing? Satisfying my fragile ego or trying to boost up my underconfident self? Whatever it was, it definitely wasn’t healthy. It took me two years to realize that I had to move on. I always had a deep interest for writing and I decided to do that. I am not saying that you should always take some risk. Keep a back up plan, pursue your interest and I am sure you will succeed. The idea of having a back up plan is not because you cannot succeed. Rather it is to make you feel that you still have a plan if you fail. This would lessen your stress and you’ll be able to do wonders in whatever you choose. Just believe in yourself. There are millions of options and opportunities to explore. Failing in one of them doesn’t make you any less than others.



As soon as we hear the word ‘rape’, a variety of emotions run across our minds. They may include anger, pain, sympathy, frustration, helplessness, sadness or a combination of these. But today I want to ask you all something. Is rape always physical?

Sounds absurd, doesn’t it? It shouldn’t though, considering the number of girls who fight this battle daily. Let me explain the battle I am talking about. I can’t actually think of a particular word for this. You can call it ‘mental rape’ or ‘rape through vision’. Yes, the battle being discussed here is eve teasing and stalking.

Some people think that it is normal to stare at someone because after all what harm can a ‘little’ glance do to anyone? A glance is no longer normal when it turns into a lecherous gaze. Those who enjoy staring at women with their lascivious eyes should answer one question. How would they feel if they were gawked at all the time, from head to toe, from the very moment they stepped out of their house? To say that it shall be uncomfortable would be an understatement.

Being a girl I can very well understand that how disturbing eve teasing can be. I myself have faced it countless number of times. Ogling, inapporiate remarks and touching, I have faced it all. When I was in my early teens, I used to be scared of these people and I refrained from saying a word to them. I just used to bear the humiliation and walk off. But I soon realised that in order to fight these devils in our society, we have to raise our voices. Whenever someone tries to touch you inappropriately, don’t let them do that. Rather stand up for yourself and teach that person a lesson, in which ever way possible. This applies to both girls and boys. Anytime someone passes a comment at you or if you witness this happening to anyone else, don’t stay quiet.

It is difficult to describe the horror of facing eve teasing or molestation. Every time someone ‘checks me out’, from head to toe, I can feel their lustful gaze piercing every inch of my body. Only if they realised how uncomfortable it makes me feel, how pathetic I feel listening to their cheap comments.

I don’t know if through this article I can convey my message very well but I just want to say that please stand up against eve teasing. Raise your voices, let these monsters realize that we aren’t weak. And if you witness any such situation, don’t be a silent watcher. Help others as well. We have to make this world a better place to live in and for this we all have to combat these evils, together.