Sexual harassment

Sexual harassment. These words are too frequently heard nowadays which is really sorrowful and agitating.

The good thing with changing time is that people are coming up with their experiences. The sad thing being the fact, that so many people have had this horrible experience.

The first thing that people should know is that it can happen with anyone regardless of their sex.
Those who think that the only victims of sexual harassment are girls, are utterly wrong and mistaken.

With the rising ‘Me too’ campaign, many people have come up with their experiences of sexual harassment and assault.
I like the fact that people are no longer ashamed of talking about harassment as it is high time that we find a solution to this trouble.

Talking about myself, I have faced sexual harassment a couple of times.
From facing ogling, lecherous stares and remarks, to being called a slut for wearing a short skirt, I have had it all.

I live in a world where your clothes determine your character, society and upbringing.
If you wear too long skirts, you are labelled as tedious or old fashioned and if you wear short ones, you’ll be assumed to be offering yourself for the night.

I live in a place where a girl is raped and put to blame. A place where a guy is raped and no one bats an eye.
Is this the ideal world that we are living in?
A world where everyone except you can decide what you should wear and where you should go.

Why don’t we blame the man who groped me when I was sixteen, just because he wanted to? Why is it me who should refrain from stepping out of the house at nights?

Instead of asking me to stay at home, rather lock that person up who used to stalk me, who threatened to rape me.

Instead of mocking those boys who have faced sexual harassment, lend them a helping hand. Show them that they aren’t alone. They don’t need your sympathy, they need your support.

You must be thinking what’s the cure for this.
Honestly, nothing is going to change until we change our mentality. And it’s not gonna happen until we unite and take a step.
Instead of ignoring the situation where a helpless person is being molested, take a step to help him or her.

Showcasing your anger when you read about such incidents in the newspaper is just not enough.
We have to keep the fire ignited within ourselves.
These incidents are not meant to be forgotten within a day, rather keep them in your mind and begin your fight against this immorality.

From this point, let’s start another campaign. Let’s tell the world that we are there to help all those who are facing such a situation. We are here to make this world a better place to live in. That we take a pledge to try our best to combat the evils of our society.

#IDo take a pledge, do you?

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