How to deal with panic attacks?

Panic attacks. A thing many people aren’t aware of. But those who are, very well know how horrifying it can be. I myself have been facing panic attacks since the age of thirteen. I wouldn’t say that I don’t have panic attacks anymore but I would describe the ratio ,of having them earlier and now as, 100:1.

I am pretty sure you all want to know how to overcome panic attacks. That’s what I wanted to know as well. But I believe that we should rather focus on is about dealing with them. You might think it’s one and the same thing but no it isn’t. Let me explain this to you.

Dealing with panic attacks involves a few steps. The first one being, to feel okay to have them. When we focus on handling panic attacks rather than just trying to overcome them in the first try, we make ourselves believe that it is normal. Everyone faces anxiety, stress, panic, at some point of their lives. Their situations might be different than ours but then we all are on the same page. So whenever you have a panic attack just think that this is normal and it happens with everyone.This would lessen your anxiety and stress at that time.

The second step is to make yourself realize that you have been through this before and you managed to experience it. Yes, I know it is frightening but then what’s the worst that can happen? NOTHING!

The main factor that triggers our panic attacks, is the fear to have them. We always think about the worst. We have feelings like we are going to pass out or die but none of that actually happens. So we need to let this fear go out of our minds that panic attacks can kill us.

Now coming to the point again, tell yourself that ‘I have been through this before and I have the capability to deal with it.’ Practice this on a regular basis. Tell yourself that you are not the only one to face it.

My biggest fear wasn’t anything like being killed by panic attacks. Rather it was the fear of being made fun of. I was scared that everyone would notice my shaky legs, sweaty forehead and trembling voice. I couldn’t bear that humiliation. But now, I know that I am not the only one who faces this. And even if I can’t see anyone as anxious or nervous as me, it is okay. I am a strong person and I will deal with this.

I still face panic attacks at times but these steps help me lessen the intensity as well as their probability of occurrence to a great extent.



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