As soon as we hear the word ‘rape’, a variety of emotions run across our minds. They may include anger, pain, sympathy, frustration, helplessness, sadness or a combination of these. But today I want to ask you all something. Is rape always physical?

Sounds absurd, doesn’t it? It shouldn’t though, considering the number of girls who fight this battle daily. Let me explain the battle I am talking about. I can’t actually think of a particular word for this. You can call it ‘mental rape’ or ‘rape through vision’. Yes, the battle being discussed here is eve teasing and stalking.

Some people think that it is normal to stare at someone because after all what harm can a ‘little’ glance do to anyone? A glance is no longer normal when it turns into a lecherous gaze. Those who enjoy staring at women with their lascivious eyes should answer one question. How would they feel if they were gawked at all the time, from head to toe, from the very moment they stepped out of their house? To say that it shall be uncomfortable would be an understatement.

Being a girl I can very well understand that how disturbing eve teasing can be. I myself have faced it countless number of times. Ogling, inapporiate remarks and touching, I have faced it all. When I was in my early teens, I used to be scared of these people and I refrained from saying a word to them. I just used to bear the humiliation and walk off. But I soon realised that in order to fight these devils in our society, we have to raise our voices. Whenever someone tries to touch you inappropriately, don’t let them do that. Rather stand up for yourself and teach that person a lesson, in which ever way possible. This applies to both girls and boys. Anytime someone passes a comment at you or if you witness this happening to anyone else, don’t stay quiet.

It is difficult to describe the horror of facing eve teasing or molestation. Every time someone ‘checks me out’, from head to toe, I can feel their lustful gaze piercing every inch of my body. Only if they realised how uncomfortable it makes me feel, how pathetic I feel listening to their cheap comments.

I don’t know if through this article I can convey my message very well but I just want to say that please stand up against eve teasing. Raise your voices, let these monsters realize that we aren’t weak. And if you witness any such situation, don’t be a silent watcher. Help others as well. We have to make this world a better place to live in and for this we all have to combat these evils, together.

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