A broken friendship

This poem has also been written by me and through my words I have tried my best to define that friendship which turned into love. A love that could not be fulfilled.

Began as classmates,
Continued as friends.
I would always thank my fate,
That we became the best of friends.

Loads of fun and tonnes of talk,
Together we had miles to walk.
You took my fears and made me free,
And made me what I never could be.

Even if it was for just a while,
Talking to you brought me a smile.
Nothing could drift us apart,
For we loved each other with all our hearts.

I didn’t realise when my feelings changed for you,
If it is love,it was definitely true.
You called it friendship,
But it was something new,
Why don’t you realise
Baby I love you.

I just tried as much as I could,
Did everything that a lover would.
But nothing seemed enough,
For you to love me back
I knew it would be tough
But there was nothing I could lack.
No matter what I did,
I couldn’t convince you
To be with me.
What else do you want,
Isn’t it enough that I love thee?

Here I am after years gone,
Reliving my memories while sitting alone.
Even if given a chance I wouldn’t choose anyone over you.
I’d rather be alone than without you.
I don’t know what this relationship is supposed to be,
All it appears is like a broken friendship to me.



6 thoughts on “A broken friendship

  1. Hey girl…… Till now I have never seen something better than this!!! Believe me..plz believe me,,,,,,, its sooooooo damn awsm !!!!!! I m in love with this poem ! God! U write so good!!! Keep writing!! 🙂 waiting for a post like this in future !!! Take it as a request !! 🙂 🙂


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