As the title says this poem talks about delusion. A complicated thing, yet mostly present in our lives.


There he stood, a guy tall and dark
Probably my special someone,
Whose eyes had a spark.

Warned by some, threatened by few
But nothing could stop me,
For my love for him was true.

For me he was someone
Who brought me smiles
But for everyone else,
He was just a box of lies.

They said, a deceptive appearance
Was all that he was
But no one knew
That in him I saw my lost cause.

What was that he was trying to hide,
No matter what, I was ready to be on his side.
It didn’t bother me, what everyone had to say.
For I knew, I had chosen my own way.

Days passed, years gone
I just waited for him to come.
Began to question myself and mourn,
Was my true love just a phantom?

But all these thoughts flew away,
When he had those three words to say
What everyone thought was my fantasy,
Had now changed into a beautiful reality.

Even after years,
You are still beside me.
All those who didn’t believe in us
Now have a lot to see,
For my Mr. Perfect is someone
Who just seemed to be a delusion.


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