Mom, how should I describe my love for you
I might not say this often,
But for the sacrifices you did for us
I can just say Thank you! 

As gentle as a flower
As calm as a sea
No matter what happens
You always believe in me.

Helped me through thick and thin,
Consoled me with her love
And showed me the path
Where my journey was about to begin.

No matter how old I grow
I’m still a little kid for her
Though she has made me strong,
To solve my disputes on my own
Still whenever any situation arises
I want to be with her.

I can’t even thank you enough
For all what you did for me
whenever I open my eyes
You’re the first person I want to see. 

Your love and support cannot be described in a word.
Amazing, superb and what not
How lucky I am coz you are the best gift, I’ve ever got.

4 thoughts on “Mom

  1. I’m pleased you feel this way about your mum and can put it into words; it’s very special and will resonate with many people.
    I’m not so fortunate to share those feelings about my mother but am learning to ‘see’ some positives when they so rarely show themselves and be grateful when and if they do appear.
    I’ve learnt I will never be able to change the person she is or was but that I can alter how I react to her and in doing so I’ve found a new relaxed calm, from which everyone around me can benefit, including her when she chooses to see me as an adult not a child (I’m 48, let’s hope it happens one day, eh?!!!) x


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