Special Someone

Before him, my life wasn’t a perfect one
Breaking sobs, and had no one.

Then one day he messaged me
An old school mate, was all that I could see
Day by day we talked more and more
He was the reason behind that smile I wore. 

He made me laugh whenever I cried
To put a smile on my face, how hard he tried 

I liked him but as a friend
Who knew this ‘friendship’ was about to mend. 

His smile, his voice, his laughter
Lame jokes, mimics, and whatever made my day better,
All this was what made me fall for him
All I could see was him, be it bright lights or dim.

How bad I wanted to tell him what I felt
That how his voice caused butterflies in my stomach
and how his sugar sweet nature
Made my heart melt .

I was scared
Scared of being rejected, being ignored
But those feelings were too much to hold.

It took me months to say this to my bae
Those three magical words
I had nothing else to say.

What happened next was something I couldn’t imagine 

He said ‘yes’ and I felt like it was everything I could ever win.

I was incomplete until he came into my life
I can’t wait to be his future wife. 

You’re reading this and I want you to know
I love you more than my life, please don’t ever go.

I thought perfect love stories existed only in fiction
You turned it into reality by being my special someone❤

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