Believe in yourself!

These three words might seem like a cliche because they are used by everyone. We often feel that it is so easy for people to tell us to believe in ourselves and how we can conquer the world by this “simple” mantra . Our mind races to the hurdles that lie in our journey to attain our goals. But for a moment just clear your head, sit down and relax. Now think about the thing that is stopping you from achieving your goals. No, not the hurdles, something that is altogether stopping you from doing what you want to.

There’s only one answer to it. NOTHING. There is nothing in this world that can stop you from doing anything unless you question your capability to do it. Now some of you might think that you are less capable than others. This is a really absurd assumption because every human being has been blessed with the same brain. However each one of us uses our intelligence in a different way or rather where we find interest.
So if you are not able to perform a task as good as someone else, do not  question your capability. First of all ask yourself an honest question that whether or not you had put in your maximum efforts. If no, then you have the answer. If yes, then think deeply about whether you really want to do this particular thing or it’s just because others are doing it.

A major mental conflict that arises in teenage is to opt for our preferences or get affected by peer pressure. No matter how convincing your friends might be, always listen to your heart and follow your dream. It won’t be easy, it never is but the struggle here is too less compared to the joy and satisfaction of fulfilling your dream.

Life isn’t a bed of roses but it is in our hands to mould it in the way we want to. Teenage is the soft clay of our lives, which when moulded well can create a beautiful future. No job or task is too small or too complex either. You are capable to do everything but just believe in yourself!

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