There I would be

This is a poem that was written by me when I was facing failure in every situation. I hope reading it motivates all those who need that motivation.

The day you fall on your face,
When you feel dejected
And start losing your grace,
Just look around and see
There I would be.

The day you think that this is the end
No hopes for life and nothing to mend
To break your tangles, and set you free
There I would be.

Be it the sunshine of happiness or the rain of sorrow,
Keep your head up, for every sad today has a beautiful tomorrow.
No matter how broken, a piece of crayon would still color
And so are you, who would not give up ever.

There is so much more in this world,
That you still have to see
Just take a leap of faith,
And do believe in me.

You have your wings,
You are meant to fly.
The world is yours,
Just give it a try.

Don’t ever stop, even if you fall,
This failure would one day bring you above all.
And any day, if You want to reach out to me,
Just look around and there I would be.


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