Depression – how to overcome it

Often people can’t differentiate between being sad and being depressed. These two words may sound similar but are poles apart when it comes to their meaning. However, it is really important to know when you’re depressed so that you can start with its treatment.

Before coming to the procedure of overcoming depression, I would like to talk about the social stigma attached to this very word. The sad reality is that even in the 21st century, many people link mental illness with lunacy. Most people refrain from consulting a psychiatrist or a counsellor just because others would assume them to be fit to be put in an asylum.

It’s really heartbreaking to witness the fact that so many people prefer committing suicide rather than talking about their problems. We need to be more observant, more compassionate and help those who are in need. They need empathy, not sympathy.

I would start with my own experience. Today, I am writing about depression, anxiety, panic attacks because I have experienced them. In my previous blog I wrote about panic attacks and also about anxiety in the earlier ones. I believe that if my words or my experience can help even one person feel better about himself, my aim of writing here shall be accomplished.

I can’t recollect a date when it started. I honestly don’t know. It happened back in 2016 when I started noticing changes in my behaviour because they became clearly visible. I used to remain low all the time and no I wasn’t sad for a reason. I used to be upset for no reason. I just ignored it for a while and soon it turned into crying spells. I would stay awake at night and keep on crying. I questioned myself, ‘ Why am I upset?’ and there was no answer.

I didn’t enjoy going out with friends or family. I just wanted to be alone and so I started isolating myself. I stopped talking to my friends and family and everyone would just ask me that why was I so quiet. Again, I had no answer. Soon it grew into a feeling of not wanting to live anymore. I knew I needed help so first of all I spoke to my parents.

Okay, so this is the first step to overcome depression. Talk about it. Do not feel scared to share your problems with your family or whoever you are close to. At that time my exams were going on and I was facing panic attacks as well. But my parents were very supportive and I believe that they have played a very important role in helping me overcome depression.

I consulted a counsellor and sought medical help as well. You have to be completely honest with your counsellor and doctor so that they can provide you the best help possible.

I’ll share some tips that would help you in dealing with depression. The first one is – Exercise. Exercising is important in general as well but it is even more important if you are struggling with depression. Exercising is considered a great way to let out your anger. I experienced this when I used to harm myself. I used to cut myself out of frustration and soon realised that it wasn’t the right way to vent out my anger. I rather resorted to exercising and it helped me a lot.

The second thing is to indulge yourself in your favorite activities. I used to watch movies, read and write books, listen to songs and that would instantly uplift my mood. In any case, please avoid sitting idle. Either talk to someone or do whatever you like doing.

Do not stop taking your medications until your doctor asks you to do so. Remember the fact that only medicines are going to do nothing. You need to put in your will power and efforts as well.

Trust me. Once you start noticing the betterment in your behaviour, you’ll be even more motivated to work on overcoming depression.

The next thing would be to avoid overthinking. We usually do that when we are sitting idle and whenever you realise that you’re doing the same, just distract yourself and indulge into an activity of your choice.

Lastly, I would say that nothing is impossible. I was suicidal but I didn’t give up, rather I worked on it. So friends, don’t be ashamed of talking about it. Also if anyone of you wants to talk to me about anything, I am all ears. Many of my readers talked to me on Wattpad and they said that they were relieved to vent out their emotions because they had no one else to talk to. So I am always here for you all and I hope you win all the battles that you are fighting.

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