The day we met

There was a time when I had nothing to say
lost all hopes, couldn’t see any way
Amongst the dark clouds, appeared a ray
That was when he texted me ‘hey’.

A time that I can never forget
A time when I would enjoy losing a bet
A time when all my broken ways were set
It was the day we met. 

The way he talked, the way he looked
The way he smiled, that kept me hooked. 

It took me a while
To tell him what I feel
It felt like a dream
But all that was real.

It’s not a fairy tale
But he is my prince charming
Just for that smile of his
I can give up everything. +

My story began with a ‘hey’
With a ‘yes’ it continued
I don’t know how long will it take
But it will definitely end with a ‘Yes I do’❤

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